Rosemary & Sage Conditioner 17oz.

Lodge Torrey Pines Rosemary and Sage Conditioner

Price: $28.00

Product Code: GPL05

We've combined the euphoric properties of indiginous sage and combined them with the essential oils of rosemary mint to create a stimulating line of spa products. Rosemary mint endulges and invigorates the skin and hair follicles while sage is a known for its detoxifying qualities.
The aromatic scents from our Signature Lemongrass and Sage Collection conjure up the soothing breezes and coastal expanses of the Torrey Pines State Reserve. Which is no wonder, considering the Reserve is home to over seventeen varieties of sage, a plant widely known for its detoxifying and healing effects. Lemongrass is a time-tested antiseptic that provides nourishment to the hair and skin. Together the two are essential ingredients in our Signature Collection