Framed Painting of Point Lobos by Brian Blood

Point Lobos Framed Painting by Brian Blood


Brian Blood began his professional life as a graphic artist and art director in Boston, Massachusetts. Although Blood's career was successful, he still wanted to be a fine art painter. He moved across the country to San Francisco and enrolled at the Academy of Art College. Receiving his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Fine Art. For the past fifteen years Brian Blood has been painting full time as well as returning to teach at his alma mater in the Fine Art department. "I love to see the looks on the faces of students as they begin to understand the thrill of painting outdoors," he says with great satisfaction.

Primarily a plein-air painter, Blood has recently moved to the picturesque Monterey Peninsula. "After living in San Francisco for the last 15 years, I can really concentrate and focus on my work here in Monterey," Blood reveals.

Only minutes away are Point Lobos and Garrapata State Parks, two of his favorite subjects to explore and paint. He also enjoys traveling down the California coastline and painting in the southland areas.


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